I’m Back!

This is it! I left New York City and I’m back in Paris.

Now I remember, among many things, that trains doesn’t run all night, that Sundays are the worst to shop and that everything comes in smaller sizes.

I also discovered that while I was gone, Paris tented to look like NYC a little bit more every day: rooftops (the line to get in included), hipsters with beards, bagels&burgers, foodtrucks and fixed-gear bicyble…The more, the merrier!

Always looking for new opportunities – Please, feel free to contact me.

New posts coming soon!

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La France!



I am a French exchange student at City College of New York.

“Mckibbin” is my first short documentary.

Fifteen years ago, a factory located between busy Bushwick and cosy East Williamsburg in Brooklyn, was converted into a loft apartment building.

The building made the front cover of the New York Times for its artistic’s life before being investigated by the FBI looking for Anonymous’s member.                                                   Since then, between the crazy parties and bed bug infestations, the place is known as “The infamous Mckibbin”.

We decided to meet its residents…

Reality TV and its impact: The 90’s generation speak up.


Here is the result of my second video.
I ask two different personalities their opinions about Reality TV. Both aim to evolve into the public sphere as journalist or artist.
The 90’s generation, popularly called “Generation Y”, is highly criticized by some regretting the lack of values and the emergence of new disposable standards as fame and easy money that Reality TV like to enhance.
But what do they think?

255 Mckibbin


Thanks to my exchange program I am taking a documentary workshop this semester.
This video is the result of my first assignment and it was the very first time I was shooting with a camera and editing a video.

Assignment: “Give the sense of a place that means something to you with a sequence of shots (video only/no audio). Camero is locked (no handheld or zoom or tilts or pans). Edited length: 2min.”

I chose to shot my block and the inside of my appartment. My goal was to convey an idea of inclosement and lost of privacy.

The Hell of youth : most well kept secret ?

If you know what to expect at 18, what comes after your first times, what comes after 21 years old remain a mystery…

I have a very precise memory in mind, I am eleven years old, living in Paris, I just got in junior high school.  My old brother came in the kitchen to tell my mother he saw me kissing a boy at school. The goal being me getting yell at. At the time my mom had this disarming reaction for my brother and so saving for me: “Yes Louis, she said, your little sister is now a pre-adolescent.” Oh joy, Oh happiness! I had a status in this society. I was a pre-adolescent, that so famous phenomenon that I heard about so much in the magazines. What a relive! From my 13 years I got to the next step: teenager. At 18 things change a little. You are not a teenager anymore you are a University student. But you have been preparing to this. Your parents, society has taught you what it is like to be a young adult. It is for after 21 that you are not prepare.

Until 21 years old you don’t ask yourself question, you act. You learn to flight by yourself little by little: 1st  moving out, travel by yourself, the 1st roommates….as many as symbolic steps that indicates things are changing. Everyone likes to speak about evolution, like it was helping, like it was giving you the illusion of a start from a point A to a point B. The idea of starting from a point A to a land of a total wandering doesn’t seem to cross anyone’s mind.  Or anyone doesn’t talk about it. Except that as soon as the storm of 1st times has past, you have to ask yourself question again! For people around me this non-step begins at 21. The first years of University are like high school you can let yourself float, the only goal is to pass the exams and pass into the next year. Until then nothing new under the sun. Suddenly the Master class arrive. From now on having made an internship or having travel around the world is not exceptional anymore. People expect more from you. The moment of asking yourself question come back but this time even more seriously: What am I going to for living? And because of our society nowadays you also have to ask yourself: What can or should I do for living? But still…we have no answer to offer.

On the University side, you suddenly have to write a thesis, elaborate a personal reflection about a study object, a simple 10/20 at exams is not enough anymore. At least not if you hope to pursue in Grad school and reaching by the same way the Holy Grail: being a M.A. student. An outcome you don’t really remember why you were pursuing it. After all you just have to take a look on society, on its economic state, to understand that in the end, even an M.A. won’t be enough either. Everything and more is never enough. In my struggle I realize that if this feeling is share by a lot of young people all over the world, no one talks about it. No one talk about this tough period, stuck between teenager and adult. We are bastard that society ignores. Who is the dumbass that spread the rumors about the twenties being the happiest part of your life? A hippy! A man who enjoyed freedom of spirit, freedom of act, thanks to the society he was living in. Today I am looking again and again for this carefreeness…I still haven’t find it! After all we are only the “sacrificed generation”, the “Y generation” as they said. That is finally when I realize that designation, acknowledgment of a status, does not make it all.